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V2.3 Available!

The Project

With more than 30 features, Inspeckage is a all-in-one tool developed to offer dynamic analysis of Android applications. Create hooks at runtime, enable pre-defined hooks and more. This tool will help you understand what an Android application is doing at runtime.

Ways to Contribute

You can contribute with your time by helping us with programming, testing, documentation, translations or by answering questions on the Inspeckage Issues. We have always welcomed users whose only contribution is simply using Inspeckage, giving us feedback on how to improve it and telling others about it. Thank you for supporting Inspeckage.


With Inspeckage, we can get a good amount of information about the application's behavior:

Information gathering

  • Requested Permissions;
  • App Permissions;
  • Shared Libraries;
  • Exported and Non-exported Activities, Content Providers,Broadcast Receivers and Services;
  • Check if the app is debuggable or not;
  • Version, UID and GIDs;
  • etc.

Hooks (so far)

With the hooks, we can see what the application is doing in real time:

  • Shared Preferences (log and file);
  • Serialization;
  • Crypto;
  • Hashes;
  • SQLite;
  • HTTP (an HTTP proxy tool is still the best alternative);
  • File System;
  • Miscellaneous (Clipboard, URL.Parse());
  • WebView;
  • IPC;
  • + Hooks (add new hooks dynamically)


With Xposed it's possible to perform actions such as start a unexported activity and much else:

  • Start any activity (exported and unexported);
  • Call any provider (exported and unexported);
  • Disable FLAG_SECURE;
  • SSL uncheck (bypass certificate pinning - JSSE, Apache and okhttp3);
  • Start, stop and restart the application.
  • Replace params and return (+Hooks tab)


  • APK Download;
  • View the app's directory tree;
  • Download the app's files;
  • Download the output generated by hooks in text file format;
  • Take a screen capture;
  • Send to android clipboard


Even though our tool has some hooks to the HTTP libraries, using an external proxy tool is still the best option to analyze the app's traffic. With Inspeckage, you can:

  • Add a proxy to the target app;
  • Enable and disable proxy;
  • Add entries in the arp table.


Logcat.html page. A experimental page with websocket to show some information from the logcat.


Requirements: Xposed Framework

Xposed Installer
  1. Go to Xposed Installer, select "Download"
  2. Refresh and search for "Inspeckage"
  3. Download the latest version and install
  4. Enable it in Xposed
  5. Reboot and enjoy!
Xposed Repository

Get it from Xposed repo:

    adb install mobi.acpm.inspeckage.apk
  1. Enable it in Xposed
  2. Reboot and enjoy!
From Source

Feel free to download the source!

How to uninstall

    adb uninstall mobi.acpm.inspeckage

And reboot!